About PDF.NimbleText.com

Do you ever find yourself with the need to author a PDF document, but you don't wish to write it in any format other than the glorious MarkDown?

If so, then this is the website for you!

Simply write (or paste) your lovingly crafted markdown into the textarea on the front of this site (here) press the big blue 'save as pdf' button and "Voilà!" a freshly baked pdf file will immediately be downloaded onto your machine!

Acknowledgements and Licenses

PDF.NimbleText.com could not complete this daring mission without the assistance of many fine open source components.

Conversion of Markdown into HTML is performed by Markdown-it (License)

(An earlier revision of this site used CommonMark (License))

Conversion of HTML into PDF is performed by wkhtmltopdf (License)

Custom themes are from: https://github.com/mixu/markdown-styles

...which are in turn sourced from these authors:

And most important of all, the Chicken flowchart, from the influential Chicken-Thought-Leader Doug Zongker. Paper.